Building Cultural Awareness for Leadership Teams

From October 24, 2019 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Claire Russell: +64 3384163

BUILDING Multicultural TEAMS

This is designed for leadership teams of multicultural churches, and serve as a retreat opportunity for these teams to gain a greater mutual understanding to navigate their own cultural differences as a team. People who come from different cultures are often surprised by the differences they encounter when they interact with other people, whether in the workplace, school, or in the church.

These misunderstandings arise from different cultural views of life and affect how we communicate as well as how we handle disagreements. Our unconscious assumption is that everyone thinks like we do, but we often discover that they think in entirely different ways. When our resulting actions do not reflect our Christian beliefs, we realise that we need to first examine our cultural beliefs. This is a follow-up of Building Cultural Awareness 2.0.

Building Cultural Awareness for Leadership teams