Befriending Survivors: Reflections and Signposts with SWBC Refugee Sponsorship Team

From August 14, 2019 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm

At Oxford Terrace Baptist

Andrew Meek: 0273438333

How can Hospitality help guide churches and our city at large as we respond to the March terror attacks on two mosques here in Christchurch?

"Hospitality in the Face of Terror" is a series of Wednesday night conversations on this question, co-hosted by Te Raranga and Oxford Terrace Baptist Church. We'll hear stories, reflections and insights from a range of guest speakers either responding on the ground or thinking and writing from afar.

SWBC helped two former refugee muslim families resettle in Christchurch. Like many others, they were badly impacted by the tragic events of March 15. SWBC will share its experiences about being hospitable pre- and post- the tragedy, and offer some reflections and thoughts for the future.

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