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Ricki-Lee, Teague Consulting NZ

Written by Influence

Ricki LeeRicki-Lee's passion is to see the 'business' side of church as the strong and active 'skeleton' in the body of Christ it was designed to be, supporting the church purpose and vision, not limiting it!

With considerable management experience within the electricity industry, Ricki-Lee joined the staff at Thrive Church Rangiora. Her role quickly developed; advising on policies, procedures, health & safety, and employment relations. When it became apparent that other small businesses, churches, and not-for-profit organisations needed similar assistance. Teague Consulting NZ was born and continues to develop and diversify, exploring how our business community can co-labour with God at work.

When Ricki-Lee is not business networking or helping an organisation answer ‘what would it look like?’, you can find her walking with her Father at Waikuku beach, enjoying family and friends, and asking God, 'you want me to do what!'

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Christchurch City Coat of Arms

Written by Influence

Christchurch Coat Of Arms2Our Coat of arms is symbolic and reflective of our City’s heritage.

The motto

Fide condita, fructu beata, spe fortis

Although the motto can be translated as 'A city founded in faith, rich in the fulfilment thereof, strong in the hope for the future', the Latin means rather more than that:

  • Fide condita refers to our ecclesiastical origins and the name of the City, taking fides in the sense of the Christian faith
  • Fructu beata means rich in the fruits of the earth and rich in the fruits of her industry, as well as in the fulfilment of the Founders' Faith
  • Spe fortis means at once strong in hope and bold in her claims upon the future.
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Behind the Plagues of Egypt

Written by Roy Warren

Beyond the PalaguesMany believe in the power of prayer, but seldom understand the working dynamics of prayer. There is a spiritual realm and a physical realm that coexist.

The Bible clearly teaches that what takes place in the spiritual realm dictates what takes place in the physical realm. The author reveals and demonstrates this working dynamic through the events of the plagues that were unleashed upon Egypt. Looking behind the Plagues, the reader will glean key spiritual laws and principles that will enable an effective and powerful prayer life.

Here Roy Warren reveals evidence of the Exodus and the Pharaoh who resisted Moses. Also the significant aftermath of the plagues which caused a brief catastrophic change in Egyptian history, which most Egyptologists cannot explain.

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