Church leaders round table discussion with Nigel Dixon from City to City NZ

From August 20, 2020 12:00 pm until 1:30 pm

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Free Event, Lunch included

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City to City is a network that came out of Timothy Keller's church in New York.  It arose out of two concerns:

  • That the Christian influence in cities was declining and christian mission fairly ineffective in postmodern and multicultural contexts.
  • that Christianity is aging in the West and we need to train and support young planters and new initiatives.

To achieve this we need to nurture christian unity around mission, supporting each other across traditions and helping to resource those who are seeking to reach the currently unreached.  Keller calls this 'catholicity of spirit', the goal being the forging of a gospel centred movement (and no one church can create a movement, we need each other).  

Nigel Dixon, a word of introduction - I lead City to City NZ, the church planting/training aspect of Timothy Keller's world.  I started working a day a week this year, I still lead All Saints church in Palmerston North and am  for church health and church planting for the Wellington diocese.  

I want to spend some time hearing what is happening and see if City to City might in some way serve you as churches.  I am coming to hear what is going on, to see if we can serve in any way. 

City to City is a interdenominational network that focuses on supporting kingdom initiatives and city collaborations but does bring a specialty focus by providing coaching and training for plantiers and 'replanters'.