We Will Prevail - David and Dale Garratt :: Harmony Church 9.15am

Starting on October 25, 2020 9:15 am

It was in the late 60’s that David and Dale Garratt were called, you could say unquestionably by God, to give a new kind of music to the church at large. A new way to worship was born.

The Redemption Hymnal was the popular song book of the day containing so many still well loved anthems.

The Garratt’s story is similar to the parable of the talents found in Luke 19 and they were definitely in the ‘one talent’ group. No musical training, unable to write or read music, David being barely average on the guitar..

The story shows how investment works and multiplies, because with neither finances or musical ability the went on to do over 30 Albums, many gold and even two platinum.

The songs quickly spread around the globe as they wrote more, gathered more from other writers and accompanied the albums with song books and word books that sold in the thousands.

Their main focus has always been something God told them at the beginning, simple but for them profound.’Lead the people to me’. They have never used the stage to perform and endeavoured to use musicans and singers who like themselves were worshippers as well.

They have recently celebrated 50 years of Scripture in Song history and now in their 80’s have a new word from God to ‘start again’.

This year they have written more than 24 songs some for adults and others for children and teens with new genres for them, Hip hop, reggae and rap and anything they can fit the word of God into.

 They are currently on their way to Christchurch to premier a song they wrote with love and compassion for this city that has suffered so much. Their hope is to put courage into Otautahi and let people know they are loved and cared about throughout our nation.

‘We will Prevail’ comes to the courageous and beautiful south land on October 25th when the Garratt’s will be presenting a studio version of the song along with footage of both the pain and splendour of your city and it’s surrounds.

We Will Prevail